All For My Goddess

After I finish cleaning him up, my goddess walks to me, hooking her leash back up and having me stand, saying "What a good boy you are, and for the rest of the day I will clean all your pre cum." As she bends and licks it off my cock, giving it a quick suck, I moan and she stops - saying "Oh your not going to cum again yet. Later my toy.

My goddess said to me "You were so hot, my toy. I have a few surprises for you today. You have made me so hot and wet. First I am going to talk to the other goddesses, Then you and I are going to walk the trail." She goes over and talks with the 5 other goddesses. They laugh as she takes my leash. I start to walk by her side. She whispers in my ear. "DO NOT MAKE ME LOOK WEAK. ON YOUR HANDS AND KNEES." I crawl until we get a little further down the path. It is wet and muddy. My goddess says "Get up toy. Carry me until I tell you to put me down." I'm tired from crawling so far on my hands and knees, and I look at her. Without saying anything, she takes her whip out and says " Take your shirt off. "Without question, I do so, and she started lashing my back. "You are to stand when I say so, Now pick me up. " We walk a little further down the path and put her down where she tells me to. I don't want to lay down yet, so I walk over to a tree and lean against it. My goddess says "Come here. Take my shoes off. You will be kissing and licking me from my toes to my head." I take her shoes off and set them aside. I get on my knees and proceed to kissing her feet. She takes out her whip, saying "DID I TELL YOU TO START? Stand back. I decided that you will be doing something extra to prove you are worthy. Take my panties off. " She turns to the tree and spreads her legs to go pee. I ask my goddess "Where shall I take you?" She replies "I will be going right here. Watch as you learn our next lesson. " She starts to pee and it runs down her legs to the ground. She says to me "Now come here clean me up. Do not question me. " I get on my hands and knees. I start to take a towel out if the back pack and says "NO! DID I TELL YOU TO GET A TOWEL? YOU ARE TO LICK ME CLEAN." I reply " Yes, my goddess. " I start licking her clean and she is rubbing her cunt as I do so. I get to it and lick her clean. I start to back up and get on my hands and knees again and she says "You're not done, lay the blanket down. Then gently lay me down. " She bent her knees up, saying "Come here and please me like you have been taught." She is moaning and lifting her hips in the air. I am rubbing her tingling clit with 2 fingers inside of her. I start to stop, about to stick my cock in, but she says "No keep going. You will make me cum the way you do when you are edging." I keep going until she cums hard.

When we get back to the lake, the 5 goddesses are sitting in a circle. Their boy toys have already been informed of what they had to do. My goddess said "I told you that I had one more surprise for you. Since you proved what a good toy you are these toys are to do the same." To my surprise, all the other toys got in a circle around me. My goddess whispers in my ear that I will be cumming very hard. The toys start gathering around me. One gets on his knees and puts my cock in his mouth. One lays on the ground between my legs and puts my sack in his mouth. My goddess tells me "Do not cum until you are told, or you will be punished. " One toy walks behind me and spreads my ass cheeks as the other licks my ass hole. Another walks over to me and guides his cock in my ass hole. The toys are doing as told so no one cums. After a while, their goddess say "Do it." Two lay face up and 3 are face down. I am told to start stroking now and to blast hard, covering them all. I may cum wherever I want in them, for I are the Alpha Toy now.

Standing over all the other slaves jerking my cock hard and fast, ready to explode. I know I will cum a lot, but can I get some on all of them? As I start to explode I aim for the faces of the 2 facing up. I get both with first squirt from my rock hard cock. The next squirt gets 2 on their backs and asses, hoping I have one more big squirt in me. I stand right over the one I am fairly sure fucked me in the ass and shoot the last of my load right on the crack of his ass, and it runs right down to his sack. Shaking the last of it off my cock onto his legs and back, then he returns to his goddesses side, on his knees. She and the other women have been watching the show, drinking wine, and laughing at their toys. After some time my goddess gets up from her blanket, looking at the other goddesses, saying "I have my toy trained well. I have to pee and he will take it and clean me. Watch this." As I lift her dress, she tells me to tilt my head back and open for her. I do as ordered, and she steps up and lowers her pussy on my open mouth. I lock my lips tight to her pussy and she starts to pee. I choke a little, but swallow it down. When she is done, I start licking along both sides of her lips and then right up the middle darting my tongue in her hole as I pass it by right up to her clit. She moans and demands that I lay her down and finish the job. I pick my goddess up and lay her on the blanket, she spreads her legs knees up, rubbing her own clit as I move in to position. I let her rub it for a few minutes as I dart my tongue in and out of her hole then I move to her clit, sucking it and biting it till she is screaming and cumming.

When she recovers, she sits up and has another glass of wine, while the other goddess all try to convince her that she should let me eat them all before they go home for the evening, but she says "No he is mine. You have yours - teach them how to do it right." After goddess finishes her wine, she stands and has her me pick up the blanket and pack it away. When I am done, we head home, me crawling, her walking. As soon as we are out of sight she has me stand and gives me a peck on my face, saying how proud she is of me. She then hops in my arms and has me carry her home. When we get there, I am told to run a bath for my goddess. I do, and when it's ready, I come back to find my goddess sipping another glass of wine, laying on the couch looking sexy, holding her arms out. I know to pick her up and carry her to the bathroom. When we get there, I set her down and undresses her slowly, admiring every inch of her body, making me rock hard again. When she is naked, I pick her up and gently set her in the tub. She says "Fetch me my wine glass, and bring the bottle in here." I return with it, handing her the glass. She says "Now hop in the shower and rinse off then join me in the tub. I want you to wash my body." When I am getting in the tub, she sees how hard I am and says "Good boy. You will get to use it tonight. Your balls emptied twice today, so you will fuck me good!" I grab a sponge and begin to slowly wash my goddesses lovely body, my cock throbbing as I think of what is to come.

Soon I am done with washing her, and I get out of the tub, drying myself off. Getting my goddess out of the tub, I dry her off too, and carry her to her bed. Laying her on her bed, she looks so sexy laying there naked. She has me go get her wine from bathroom. When I return, she is standing on the bed saying "I have to pee again." I reach out to pick her up and carry her to bathroom, but she shouts "No I want you to take it again. I had to whip you this afternoon, so you will be drinking all my pee from now on." I climb up on the bed and get under her, head back, and she lowers her pussy on my lips and starts to go. She has been drinking all afternoon and evening, and she really has to go. I struggle, but manage to swallow it all. I begin to clean her then I lay her on the bed thinking that I will be eating her pussy. She just lays there, legs closed, sipping her wine and looking at me. She puts her wine glass down on the night stand and tells me I will be sleeping with her tonight, not on the floor. Then she rolls over and sticks her ass in the air saying I have lost count how many times you ate my pussy today I want you to eat my ass and rub my clit with your hand. I dive right in and grab her clit with one hand, licking circles around her tight ass as she starts to moan, then right over it. Working slowly, I begin to open her up with my tongue. Finally working it in, I bury it in her as far as I can. Taking my other hand, I start fucking her pussy with my fingers. In no time she is cumming. Thinking I am going to get to fuck her ass, I move up and get ready to put it in her. She rolls over again, laughing, saying "Not yet my toy." Sipping her wine, she has me lay beside her. Taking my hand, she puts it on her breasts, saying these haven't got any attention. I caresses them softly as her nipples get hard, then gently pinch each one. I move over and sucks each one, biting them, making her moan. I continue till she pushes me back. I lay there as she sips her wine. She looks down at my rock hard cock, seeing a small drop of pre cum on the head, she moves down and sucks it off my head and then kisses it.

Lying back beside me, taking one more sip of her wine, she sets the glass down and says "Get up, go in my closet, and get the wedge pillow out and lay it next to me." I do, and she rolls over on it, ass high in the air now, spreading her legs a bit she says "Pussy first." I get up behind her rubbing the head of my cock up and down her pussy, teasing her a bit as she tries to wiggle it in. But I am in control now as I part her lips with the head and pushes it in, savoring the hotness of it on my cock before I send it in balls deep and begin to pump her pussy fast and hard. I am pumping away like its the last I will ever get and she is moaning loudly as she starts to cum again. I just goes even faster, taking one hand and getting some of her juice on it and slowly working it in her ass, she cumms very loudly. I stop pumping her pussy and just enjoy the feeling of it trying to milk the cum out of my cock. When she comes down from it, I slowly pull out and getting more of her juices on my fingers, pushes two in her tight ass. My cock is covered in her juices so I take my fingers out and push the head in, letting her get used to it. Then I push in a bit more, then a bit more, till my balls are touching her dripping pussy, waiting for a sign from her to continue. I am thinking this is so hot and tight, I wont last long. She nods and moans out "Fuck me good!" I start pumping slowly at first, then picking up the pace. I can feel in my balls it wont be long and I will be cumming for the third time today. My goddess is moaning loudly, and starts to cum again, and just as she finishes cumming, I say "Goddess, I am going to cum." she says "Pull out and cum on my ass and back, then lick it off." I pull out just in time. The first shot goes right up her back, then several more shots on her ass. I recover for a second, and then give her long loving licks up each cheek, sucking in my own cum. The last one is the long trail up her back. Now finished, I carry my goddess to the shower where we both wash and dry off. I carry her back to bed, laying her down and putting the pillow away. Coming back to the bed, I start to lay down in my spot on the floor, and she says "No, in bed with me. You have earned it." I get in bed and she cuddles up next to me, and we both fall asleep. Sometime later in the night, I wake to my goddess sucking my hard cock. Or was that a dream?

When I finally realize it's not a dream and goddess really is sucking my cock, I'm not sure what to do. It feels so good! When she looks up and sees that I am awake, she stops and says "Good you're awake! I have to pee." She gets upon her knees over me laying on my back and lowers her pussy to my lip.s As I open my mouth, she says "You better not spill a drop on my bed or it will be a long time before you're in it again." Enjoying the bed so much better than the floor, I make sure I don’t spill any. I choke some, but I do it after licking her clean. She gets off my face and turns around as she lowers her pussy again. She tells me to eat her good and finger her pussy, and to lick her all back there, tongue her ass, and then suck her clit. I do as goddess asks, as I love to please her. She is really starting to get into me licking her. She reaches down, rubbing my cock and balls, seeing pre cum starting to form. She holds my cock tight and leaning forward, licks it off the head, then sitting back up to enjoy my tongue. She starts grinding her pussy on my face as she approaches climax. I am sucking and biting her clit as she cums. It's a huge climax and she soaks my face as I try to keep up with all her juice. She lays forward on me, resting from her climax. When she recovers, she starts stroking my cock and says "I want this in me." She moves down, and turning to face me, lowers her hot wet pussy on my rock hard cock and starts rocking back and forth. I lean up and rub her breasts, sucking on each one as her pace quickens. I love my goddess and so want to please her, but her sexy body riding me and the feel of her hot wet pussy gripping my rock hard cock is almost more than I can handle. Soon my goddess starts to moan and I know it wont be long now. I hold on and when goddess starts to cum and her pussy clamps down on my cock and starts clenching it, I start to cum, driving her the rest of the way there as my cock pulses inside her. When she is done cumming, she lays down on my chest, kissing me, saying "This is how I want to fall asleep. With your cock and cum in me.

To my surprise, we fall asleep quickly with my goddess laying on me and my slowly wilting cock still inside her. As the first rays of sun are coming through the window I wake as always, but goddess is still on top of me. My cock is rock hard like every morning. It must have slipped out of her in the night, and now it's just pressed up against her pussy, throbbing. I am at a loss as I can't move and it's my job to be ready for my goddess when she wakes. I can't move to go make her coffee or take my shower. Laying here, wondering if I will be in trouble for not doing as has been my job every morning since goddess took me as her toy. After what seems like a long time laying there with my cock throbbing against her pussy, she begins to stir. Soft moans as she wakes, she picks her head up from my chest, looking at me with her sexy smile, and says "You're in trouble. You're not ready to serve your goddess! I don’t see my coffee, and you haven't showered. I start to explain, but she stops me and says that I should have figured a way to do my tasks without waking her. Now she says "I am going to enjoy this hard cock that I feel pressing on my pussy, and you better not cum. I don’t think you can anyway, as I know you have just a piss hardon since you haven't gotten up." She then reaches behind her, guiding my cock into her pussy and slowly starts to rock back and forth on it. Her pussy is so wet and hot! As her pace quickens, I feel her pussy trying to clench and milk my cock of the cum I can feel swelling up in my balls. I know I cant cum or I will be in more trouble than I already am. She starts to moan louder as her climax nears. She is grinding her pussy on me as she cums, and after a quick rest she gets off my throbbing cock, looking down at me and says "I was not going to make you take my pee today, but since you didn’t do your tasks this morning, you will be taking it all for at least a week and I did plan on you enjoying the day at the lake, but now I think I will have other plans for you, and the others will like it." Then she says "I have to pee. Don’t spill any on my bed, and while your down there make sure you clean me good. Get all of last night's cum out of me." She climbs up and lowers her pussy to my mouth as I clamp my lips on it and take her pee and choke as it’s a lot, but don’t spill any. Then she lifts up a bit to give me room to clean her. I start on the outside and work my way in, making sure to cover every inch of her. Sticking my tongue in her hole. Its taking me a while to clean her, and she nears climax again. When I think I have done a good job of cleaning her, I go for her clit and take her over the edge.

After I clean up her sweetness from her climax, she lays on the bed next to me and says "Crawl to the bathroom and run me a bath, then make coffee. Come back and carry me to my bath, and I will have my coffee in there. You may shower and pee when you're done with all this. I get out of bed and crawl off to do as told, hurting my knees since I am moving fast. I really have to pee! When I get back to her, I stand and pick my goddess up and carry her to the bath. Holding her in my arms, I realize how much I love her, and I feel bad that I disappointed her, and will do my best to make it up to her. I lay her in her bath and give her coffee, then run to go pee and hop in shower. I had to pee so bad it felt almost as good as cumming! After my shower, I return and goddess is ready to get out. I dry her and dress her for the day. My mind is racing as to what she may have in store for me at the lake.

After dressing my goddess, she tells me to go make her some breakfast, and while I am at it pack us a lunch for our time at the lake today and to be sure to pack her some wine. She will be sitting out on the patio. I crawl off to do my tasks. After packing for trip to the lake, I bring my goddess her breakfast. When I give her the food, she orders me to get on my knees and stroke my cock for her while she eats, but make sure I don’t cum, and to eat any pre cum. I start my task for goddess. I can feel my balls draw up tight to my cock ring, as she rode me hard before we got out of bed and I needed to cum then so it didn’t take long before I was close and pre cum was forming on the head of my cock. Taking my finger, I clean it off and then lick it off my finger as she smiles and looks at me as she finishes her breakfast. When she is done, she hooks my leash to my collar and has me grab our stuff for our day at the lake. We head down the path to the lake, and after we have walked a while, goddess walks off the edge of the path. She leans up against a tree, putting one foot up an a stump, spreading her legs and lifting her dress, saying "I have to pee and I want you to crawl on your knees and take it all. Make me cum and jerk your cock while your doing it too, but first hand me my whip. If you don’t make me cum quickly after I pee, you will be feeling it on your back side." I set down our stuff and move to her on my knees clamping my mouth on her pussy. She starts to pee: not much this time, but I take it all. It makes me wonder if she just wanted me to eat her, but figured I needed more punishment for failing her this morning. I don’t have time to think too long, or I will be feeing her whip so after cleaning her I take my free hand and the one I'm not stroking my cock with, and fuck her hole with my fingers as I suck her clit in my mouth and gently nibble on it. I know that gets her going, and soon she begins to moan and I know she is close. Either I must not have been quick enough, or she just wanted to whip me, but after the third whack on my back she screams and cums a river out of her pussy. As I am cleaning her up, I wonder if the whip is what took her over the edge, as she came hard then. When i am finished we start off for the lake again. As we walk, I am thinking to myself how lucky I am, and when goddess gets me fully trained how much better I will be able to please her. Also, looking at my tan, it seems to be nice and even, as I haven't had any clothes on since goddess has taken me as her own.

Soon we reach the lake and walk along the shore till we get to the clearing we were at yesterday. No one was there yet, so I lay the blanket out for my goddess to sit on. After she sits, she has me on my knees beside her, my cock still semi hard from all the jerking this morning. She starts going through her bag of things I packed. Looking at me she says "I forgot to have you pack me some rope, and we need it for the rest of your punishment. When you go get it, bring another blanket too. And hurry up. The other goddess will be here soon, and I don’t want you to keep them waiting. I have already informed them of my plans for you while you made me breakfast." I hurry back to the house, the whole time wondering what she has in store for me as punishment. Soon I am on my way back, and as I draw near I hear laughter up ahead. It's all the goddesses talking and laughing. When I get to them, they are all on their blankets in a circle with their toys on their knees next to them, laughing and talking. It gets quiet when they see me, and all just smile and some giggle. I see that there is one more than yesterday, so that makes six. All I think about is how my jaw hurt after sucking five guys off, so it's going to be worse today. Then my goddess speaks, saying to lay the blanket out in the middle of the circle just enough for my back, with the rest rolled up for under my butt. Then I am to lay on it and put the rope beside me. I do as instructed, as soon as I lay down, two of the toys get up and come over and tie my hands to my ankles, spreading my legs wide, before going back to their places. My goddess gets up and brings her whip and hits each cheek 5 times, then looks at the other goddesses and says "He is ready." Then she turns to me and tells me I will be sucking one toy to hardness, and then as soon as he is good and hard he will fuck me while I am sucking the next one. When the guy that is fucking me is ready to cum he will pull out and cum in my mouth. She then goes and sits down to watch. The first sub comes over and sticks his cock in my mouth. I suck it in, and soon he is hard and pulls away. I feel him squirt lube on my ass and rub his cock in it poking just the head in me. Then he squirts more lube on me and on his cock as the next one stuffs my mouth with his cock. The guy fucking me gets it all in, and then starts pounding me hard and fast. So hard my own cock is slapping my belly. The guy in my mouth is hard, but I keep sucking, hoping to get him close to cumming before he fucks me. Soon he pulls away, and I look up and see that the guy fucking me is now on his knees jerking his cock, so I open my mouth. As I feel the second guy enter me start pounding me as the first guy shoots his load in my mouth, and the next cock is there for me to suck.

After the first three guys, the fourth is the one with the big cock, and he sticks it in my mouth. All I think is I hope he cums quick! When he moves to fuck me, I see last guy coming to me. He looks as big as guy I just sucked, but he is soft. When last guy is done jerking and cumming in my mouth, the big cock is in my ass. It don’t hurt like I thought it would, just a bit uncomfortable. Then I start sucking the big soft cock. As it gets hard, I am so surprised it don’t get much bigger at all, just hard. Soon I feel big cock pull out and he is standing over me jerking his cock in my mouth. He shoots a big load and I choke some as laying flat on my back its hard to swallow, but I do it . I am shocked as soon as I catch my breath from swallowing that big load. The last one is over my mouth jerking his cock and he cums so much! His goddess must not have let him cum for weeks. When he is finished, he unties me. I just lay there rubbing my wrists. I look around, and all the goddesses are thanking me for the show. Then I feel my belly is wet I look down - it's covered in my pre cum. My goddess sees it too and tells me to lay there and , but to start cleaning up all that pre cum and eat it.

Goddess calls me and I crawl to her. She says "Go set up the massage table in the gazebo and then come undress me and carry me out there. I crawl off and do as ordered. When I get back, goddess stands and I do as well. I go behind her and unzip her sexy dress and slowly pull it down and off her sexy body. As I admire her sexy ass brushing my quickly hardening cock against it, she steps out of it and I lay the dress on the back of a chair. The nice thing about my goddess is she seldom has panties or bra on, so getting her undressed is easy. I pick her up and carry my sexy goddess to the gazebo and lay her on the table. Getting the oil out, I run a stream down both legs and begin to rub it . Up and down her legs, squeezing and rubbing each one. Then I move on to that sweet ass. I take my time, and rub both cheeks, running my fingers down her crack and spreading her cheeks. Down the inside of her legs, up and down. After a while, she says "Do my back now." Wanting to do a good job, I climb up on the table with her straddling me. My now rock hard cock is resting on her slippery ass. As I reach up and work her shoulders, she looks back at me and says "Nice to see goddess turns you on very much." Working her back and shoulders, as I move up and down, my cock is sliding up and down her crack. It's like hands-free edging. Soon my cock is dripping pre cum on her ass. As I finish with her back and get down, she turns over and I start on her legs again, doing one at a time. I avoid her pussy, but see that it's wet. It looks so yummy, but not it's what goddess asked for, so I cant indulge myself. I move up and do each arm and goddess sees how hard I am. She grabs my cock, telling me if I am good she may want it later. I move to her breasts, squeezing them and rubbing them both. She gives me a soft moan as I do, then I do her stomach, rubbing the oil in as I slowly get lower, doing her mound and inside of her thighs. She looks up at me, saying "Make me cum with your hands." I then take one hand and roll her nipples between my fingers, and with the other hand I take two fingers and slowly insert them, one at a time in her hole, as I gently rub her clit. I am so tempted to dive right in with my tongue, but don't dare as that is not what she asked for. When she is starting to moan louder, I start fucking her faster with my fingers and rubbing her clit harder, still pinching her nipples with my other hand, and soon she is there screaming out in joy. As she is coming down from cumming, I turn away and lick my fingers. Now I pick my goddess up and carry her down ino the pool. As the cool water hits my cock, it feels so good. I know it will go down, as I have been hard for over an hour. I walk her around the pool for half hour before she says she is ready to come out.

After resting awhile, after being fucked by five guys, and cleaning up my pre cum off my belly, I see goddess get up and walk over to me. Looking down at me, she says "You did well. I need to pee now, and I am so wet from watching, that I need to cum. I am gong to pee first, then while you're eating me, I am going to stroke your cock. And you think this was punishment, if you dare cum before me, this will be nothing." She then lifts her dress and straddles my face. I open my mouth to take her pee and lock my mouth on her pussy and she goes. I take it all, and begin licking her clean. As she wraps her fingers around my cock, it swells almost instantly. She strokes it slowly, then releasing it and rubbing my balls as I take one hand and rub her breasts, and the other I wet one finger with her juice cause I know I won't last long, I slowly put one finger in her ass. As I find her clit and suck it in to my mouth, I suck it like a little cock, gently nibbling on it. She starts to moan as I slowly fuck her ass with my finger, then she does something I have wanted to feel since my goddess has taken me. She sucks my whole cock, not just the head. She goes down on it all the way, and it feels so good. I can feel my balls draw up, and don’t know how I can hold back, so I work harder on her clit. Licking it, sucking it gently, nibbling it, until l feel her clench up. I know she is there, and then I loose it. One, then two big squirts, then a few smaller ones. When we are both done, she gets off me and turns and lay beside me, kissing me, and dripping some of my cum in my mouth.

Then she gets up and moves back to her spot near the other goddess and their toys and looks at me and points to a spot next to her. I get on my knees and crawl over and kneel beside her as she sips her wine. Looking at all the others, I think I am the luckiest one here. The other goddess keep asking mine to let them have a go on my tongue, as I can make her cum so quickly, but she repeats herself like yesterday: "Teach your own better. He is all mine. I may make him suck your toy's cocks and take their cum, but as far as pussy: mine is all he gets." The goddesses talk a while longer, and then she looks at me and says "Start packing us up. I think I want to go home and have you give me a bath." When I get everything packed up, she hooks my leash on, and we head off home. I am surprised she lets me walk behind her instead of crawling
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